Personalized Menus for Healthier Eating

We believe people can heal themselves with food, and we provide a way to do so stress-free. Every one of our clients is served top-quality menus with bio-individuality in mind. Chef Celeste and her team are committed to bringing the joy back to eating for everyone, even those with extremely restrictive needs.

We Get to
Know You

We want to know every detail of what love to eat so we can create a service customized to you. We'll sit down for a consultation to learn what your taste buds and body enjoy!

We Build
Your Menu

Every week we send you a menu based on your dietary needs and preferences, what is in season, and what is available from the highest quality sources. Then we send it to you for approval or changes.

We Craft
Amazing Meals

We source the highest quality ingredients available and prep delicious food for you. After cooking, packaging, and labeling, we stock your fridge and leave your kitchen spotless.

You Tell Us
What You Loved

You devour the deliciousness, tell us what you loved, and we build the next menu on your feedback. We continually update and perfect our recipes to be just the way you like them.

Celeste Gustafson

Executive Chef & Master of Flavors

Come home to organic, gluten-free meals, tailored to please your palate and fit your specific dietary needs. Rest assured every ingredient is consciously sourced and every dish is crafted with care. 

We have spent the past 6 years perfecting our allergy-friendly recipes and we have thousands of dishes for you to choose from.

Chef Celeste has applied her experience of over 30 years in healing foods, flavors, and cuisines into her business, and every dish we make is sure to please.

Customized Menus for Your Healing Diet

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Begin Your Journey

Have a one-on-one with Chef Celeste to start on your path to food that feels great and tastes better. Request a free consultation to get started.

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