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We cater to even the most complicated diets. Chef Celeste and her team are committed to bringing the joy back to eating for everyone, even those with extremely restrictive needs.

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Every person is unique with highly individualized nutritional requirements.

Food is best when it is raised or grown in harmony with Nature.
We believe people can heal themselves through the power of whole organic foods and high-quality cooking. Holistic nutrition is about the nourishment of the entire individual. We respect personal choice and we work to understand and serve our clients with bio-individuality in mind. We welcome people of all dietary persuasions and work around their unique constitutions and changing needs while enabling them to still enjoy food as a source of great pleasure. We are a resource for clients who are on the journey to a better life through food. We offer services to clients who know their diets and bodies, what they want to eat, what they want to experiment with, and what they want to remove from their life.
Organic agriculture methods require biological soil amendments such as compost and manure which have broad ranges of micro-nutrients (like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and much more) which are then absorbed into the plants. Organic agriculture also protects farm workers who, under conventional farming, have to handle toxic herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers, and protects wildlife from those same contaminants in their environment. When animals for food are raised in harmony with Nature they live a happier and more humane life. For us and the many others at the forefront of the food revolution, this means that animals are raised outdoors with plenty of room to roam. We support regenerative agriculture which improves the land rather than depleting it.

Celeste Gustafson

Executive Chef & Master of Flavors

Come home to organic, gluten-free meals, tailored to please your palate and fit your specific dietary needs, and rest assured every ingredient is consciously sourced and crafted with care. 

We have spent the past 6 years perfecting our allergy-friendly recipes and have thousands of dishes for you to choose from.

Chef Celeste has applied her experience of over 30 years in healing foods, flavors, and cuisines into her business, and every dish we make is sure to please.