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Holistic Personal Chef & Catering Services

We believe people can heal themselves with food, and we provide a way to do so stress-free. Come home to expertly-crafted, organic, gluten-free meals by Chef Celeste and her team. Your personal chef tailors the menu to please your palate and fit your specific dietary needs. You can rest assured that every ingredient is consciously sourced and crafted with care. 

Chef Celeste Gustafson

Who We Are

Chef Celeste is the founder & Executive Chef of CNK, and she provides in-home personal chef services and catering services in Austin, Texas. She is a master of flavors and healing cuisine. With over 30 years of experience in crafting special diets for healing, her genius is manifested in the innovative dishes she creates for her clients.


Celeste’s diet-specific healing menus are tailor-made for each family, whether you need gluten-free, keto, vegan, paleo, or other specific healing diets. She is committed to providing organic, farm-to-table meals, prepared in your home and ready to enjoy on your schedule.

What We Do


First, we create a menu just for you, designed to fit your diet, schedule, and preferences, weekly or just for special occasions.


We source the freshest, top-quality ingredients in Austin: local, organic, pasture-raised, wild-caught, sustainably grown, whenever we can.


We create your perfect meals. Our experienced chefs take great care to prepare everything just right and leave your kitchen spotless.


You partake in the deliciousness, tell us what you love - and we build your next menu based on your feedback!

Why People Love Us

Get nutritious, gourmet meals, customized for your healing diet

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